Hi everybody!! I'm Ana Gil and my role during this week has been journalist. By the moment, this has been one of my favourite role as I had to be taking notes in class of every detail and also taking pictures of each situation, such as the exposures, what really enjoyed me.

At the beginning of this week Linda explained the week's task, more precisely on March 12th. She explained that we would do a comic panel where we have to summarise ten key concepts or ideas that we have explored during these six weeks. After that, we made a draw about the techniques for each group had a different type for doing this task. We touched on this type: Magazine Cover.

In this way, when the draw was finished we started with this new task thinking about how it could be a cover page as creative as possible. Likewise we were speaking on what page would be better and as a result we choose "Publisher".

The mechanics of the group was as follows, we split up in pairs to search ideas for the ten key concepts in our virtual classroom particularly in Soyer's folder and then in "Tasks". We could collect and remind information about TPACK, CCO License, the different types of reflections, types of maps, creativity and so on. 

On Wednesday 14th we had to do our presentation, especially our start Andrea who has been the one that has explained to our classmates as we have carried out the magazine cover. At first Andrea was a little bit anxious but finally she did her best. (Here you can observe too the final result of the cover). 




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